Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Change little change

There are so many things that I know and choose not to put into is kind of mind boggling sometimes.  A while ago I read a cute little book about small changes and the basic premise is that people fail to change their lives because big sweeping changes don't stick.  Small changes are easier to digest and more likely to stick.  I know this, it makes sense to me and yet I still try to diet, exercise, banish lazy and procrastinator all at once. The problem in making small changes, well, it makes everything take longer and I, and everyone else, like quick results and gratification.

But that doesn't work.  Making big sweeping changes doesn't work.  So my goal is to try something different...a hybrid of sort.  I will focus on one big change and one small change.  The big change will be a 1-2 month short term goal and the smaill change will be a week by week goal.  I will not move on to the next change until I have mastered the 1st change.  (The definitition of master will be consistency). My health related changes:

Big Changes
Weight Traine 3x/week
Cardio 2x/week
Increase Protein intake
Track Calories and Nutrients

Small Changes
Give up caffeinated coffee
Drink More liquids
Eat 1-2 fruit/day
Eat 1-2 vegetables/day

So for the next 2 months I will focus on weight training 3x/week no matter what.  I will not add cardio.  I will not track my calories.  JUST WEIGHT TRAINING.  I put the scale away so that I would not get distracted by the weight thing (up or down). I choose to focus on weight training first because I know from previous weight loss attempts that exercise is a KEY component of my weight loss.  I want to establish a good base of muscle and a good routine before I try to worry about calories.

For the next week, I will get AT LEAST 64oz. of fluids per day mostly in the form of water and tea (with a little decaf coffee thrown in).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So a blog is just an online diary right

So a blog is just an online diary right... I could use one of those.

Thoughts on the blog title
That quote just resonates with me.  So many people have that grass is greener mentality, looking into other pastures while neglecting their own.  It just reminds me to tend to my life and not worry about what others have, do, or say.

Thoughts on my life
Life is good.  Sometimes too good.  Nothing tragic to report, just normal ups and downs.  My hubby says that my "easy" life makes me lack fire and determination.  He is right, I'm lazy...yes I said it I AM LAZY.  I am also a procrastinator.  I lack motivation and sticktoitness.  Is 35 to late to change?

Thoughts on my weight
I don't like the way I look naked.  Cellullite is a bitch.  I know that I need to lose weight.  I know that I can lose weight...I have done it before.  I am just having a hard time finding the focus and motivation to actually do what it takes.  Again the husband analysis -I have a dude who's not going anywhere (so he claims) so no motivation.

Thoughts on the Blog
I need to get all the thoughts out of my head and down on...ummmm well out of my head and into a format that allows me to revisit things.  I need to work on finding focus and motivation.  I don't know if any one other than me cares but I have tried just about everything else, so let's see if this blogging thing works!!